Metal art work

Metal signs can be cut with a CNC plasma cutting table from any material that conducts electricity;  steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and titanium.  Simple signs with just letters to complex art work can be cut into metal for a broad range of uses.   Designs for CNC plasma cutting are created using computer aided design software,  known as CAD software.  Then these files are processed through CAM software to generate the G-Code which tells the machine where to go with the plasma torch to cut the design.   Signs can be painted, powder coated, galvanized or left raw depending on how and where the sign is displayed.  There are also metal patinas that make very unique one off color schemes that are very impressive.

Art work from any picture is able to be reproduced in steel.  Here are some examples of hand drawn child’s artwork that was hand sketch into digital format and then cut out of steel with the cnc plasma table.

IMG-20140312-00347  IMG-20140312-00346








This is a image that was hand traced,  converted to cut path and then cut out of recycled steel sheet.











An example of a scanned postcard that was hand traced and converted for plasma cut art.









Once an image is digitized it can be modified or compiled with other images to make a unique metal art drawing.









Examples of Metal art  signs cut on the cnc plasma table with the digital cut path that the machine follows to render the sign.
























IMGP0549 IMGP0550 IMGP0551 IMGP0552 IMGP0553













bear gate image

bear gate image