Air conditioner enclosure

Air conditioner enclosure security cage


Air conditioner enclosure security cages for  commercial properties and residences.   Air conditioner security cages  for business and home have become almost a necessity for every air conditioner unit.   The copper core is recycled by thieves for pennies on the dollar, compared to the cost to replace and install a new unit.  An experienced thief can strip a unit with basic hand tools in about 5 minutes and a not so experienced thief in less than 10 minutes.    While no cage is fool proof,  it does make for a visual and physical barrier.   The security cage will make a thief  think about finding one that will be less trouble and therefore less of an opportunity of getting caught in the act.  At the least, the thief will have to come prepared and is going to make a lot more noise and take a lot more time to get at what they really want.  Hopefully this will convince them that your air conditioner is too much trouble and will leave it alone.   All A/C security cages are custom built due to the non standardized size of air conditioners  and varied installation configurations.


air conditioner enclosure


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air conditioner security cage x-grid

air conditioner security cage x-grid



AC Cage

A/C security Cage



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