Semi truck Air conditioner

Semi truck air conditioner system.  This is a 15,000 BTU 110v air conditioner installed in a semi truck to cool the cab space when the primary motor is turned off.   This is a auxiliary air conditioner that is able to run on an inverter for short periods of time less than a half hour or a portable generator providing 110 power for longer periods of time.  We can install generators powered by gas, propane or diesel depending on the budget.   The  fiberglass structure is reinforced with internal and external cnc cut aluminum support mounting rings that disperse the weight of the A/C so the body does not develop stress cracks due to the mounting hole created for the air conditioner.   This is the most basic method for keeping the cab cool  by using off the shelf components. There are many options available for configuring a semi truck auxiliary air conditioner system.    We can design and install a custom split air conditioner systems for your Semi truck with the compressor and condenser out side.  This is more costly but eliminates the large opening int the sleeper.     Give us a call for details.  909 648 6740

Semi truck A/C installation

Semi truck A/C installation


Semi truck 110v air conditioner

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